Morgenlicht (Angelmusic 1014)

Geschichten eines Reisenden Bandoneons
Historias de un bandoneón viajero

Facundo Barreyra


Geschichten eines Reisenden Bandoneons

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Historias de un bandoneón viajero
„Morgenlicht“ is the name of the CD produced by Facundo Barreyra, recorded between March and April 2013 by Nestor Diaz (engineer of “El Valle de la Infancia”, last album from Dino Saluzzi, ECM Records, 2014) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

On the CD Morgenlicht there are recorded various duos, trios and quartets with guitar, flute and piano; where the Bandoneon is the main actor in a musical journey that goes from old Tango, Music of Astor Piazzolla, Argentinian Folklore Music, duets with cello in a jazz ballad and original music; plus a small reunion with the native language of the Bandoneon: The German language, in a series of improvisation where German photographer Lisa Franz – to whome belong the Photographs of the CD, recites two beautiful poems, „An die Musik“ -part of the Lied by Franz Schubert and „Morgenlicht“- from Austrian poet Stefan Zweig-, which gives the titel to the CD.

The presentation of the album was done in Croatia and Germany in the month of June 2013, and first appeared in Buenos Aires with participants and guests, at August 24, 2013. This music was presented at the 2014 in Quilmes (Buenos Aires Province), in Sutivan (Croacia), Köln (Germany), Northeim (Germany), Hamburg (Germany), Lucerne (Switzerland) and in the City of Buenos Aires.

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